Crystal dream

Crystal Dream

It is the reflection of the crystal on city lights at night. Crystal from the chandelier, the modern building, the glass of your drink.

It is the moment when the senses are diffused and you feel full of friends and music, enjoying standing alone and breathing the night.

 The pendants of the collection, simple and shiny at the same time, together with the big impressive rings, will adorn this little black dress that you love to wear when going out at night in the city.

The necklace at the base of the neck together with the discreet earrings, will adorn the neckline of your minimal dress or the monochrome open shirt.

The statement earrings of the Crystal Dream Collection will give shine to the zivago you love and the statement bracelets will give you style over your long sleeves.

Δεν βρέθηκε κανένα προϊόν που να ταιριάζει με την επιλογή σας.