From our first steps we had a vision: to design and create jewelry for women who want to feel unique, special and exceptional. And women trust us because for 25 years we have kept our promise. We are devoted to the everyday desires of women. We listen to her inner voice, pay attention to her style and search deep inside her mind for what she likes the most! We are this woman, we live her life, we walk hand in hand with her. We are there when she wants to feel charming, desirable and seductive, to feel confident, to receive and give love, to share her joy. We are there for you to feel your confidence and strength every moment and to have the care and attention you deserve. CATHERINE BIJOUX designs unique jewelry to fulfill your special desire to be the extraordinary woman you want!


The Catherine Bijoux company specializes in the field of handmade fashion jewelry from materials such as brass, crystals, mineral stones, etc. which are then plated with 24K gold and rose gold.
All products are designed and manufactured in our workshop in Greece. The high quality of Catherine Bijoux jewelry, the result of excellent design and the careful selection of hypoallergenic materials, combined with production flexibility and experienced staff, are the key elements of the brand’s excellence. The company has significant know-how and proven experience of over 25 years in the fashion jewelry market, while constantly evolving and adapting to current market needs. Today, you can find its products in over 200 multi-brand stores in Greece, while it has a dynamic presence in countries such as Italy, Spain, France, etc.

Expressions of interest

“In our workshop we forge the metal, shape it, make glues with the power of fire, plate with 24K gold, rose gold and give shape and life to unique collections that withstand the time.”

Expression of interest